WRM is an online business platform that supports sales and purchases, and aims to companies that want to expand their wholesale and retail network.

WRM Home Screen

Is an ideal solution for:

  • Independent retail stores
  • Chain stores
  • Franchise companies
  • B2B / B2C networks



WRM is a application suite that offers a set of software tools which can fully cover client's needs. WRM incorporates the latest business practices and helps their customers to achieve the transition from a cumbersome, expensive system to a new one, according to latest trade trends.


    WRM supports multi store companies, provides a common mean to administer wholesale, retail and e-commerce sales and accomplishes the optimal user experience and service.


    WRM is a multibusiness suite that gives its customers the ability to exchange data and share common infastructure and functionality. Additionally reduces business cost.


    WRM is also an efficient platform for small businesses that enhances their effectiveness. Bussinesses have a usefull management platform for their sales and purchases and also gain an online presence.

  • B2B

    With WRM the enterprise acquires a powerful B2B, providing immediate information to its customers. It is a modern tool where it can expand the company's customer base without geographical borders and minimizes operational costs.

  • B2C

    Through the WRM suite, the company acquires a flexible and powerful B2C to give its customers the opportunity to be informed about news and offerings. The business operates as an integrated platform eliminating the complexity of interconnection of heterogeneous systems.


    Store Controller is part of WRM installed in the store.

    Is responsible for:
    Data synchronization with the main server
    Offline store operation
    The management of store functions (labels, invoices)
    POS Management
    Mobile Terminal Management

    WRM POS Client is designed to serve all the needs of a retail store. Its key features are speed and ease of use.

    POS application is designed to support:
    Interconnection of peripheral devices (barcode scanners, printers, pole displays) by OPOS Driver or online.
    Full-fledged offline operational capabilities
    Customizable user UI
    Customizable customer display
    Support for touch screens
    Programmable keyboards

    WRM supports processes of sales force automation (sales order management in the field) by using a dedicated Android application. It's main feature is the full offline operation and bidirectional communication with the central WRM server through WiFi, 3G / 4G. Thus providing a veritable tool for sellers.


    Expands application's functionality within the store area and enables users to perform, trace and control daily tasks, thus minimizing errors and improving user's productivity.

    For instance:
    Price Checking

    Report Designer (RD) is a tool that allows us to design reports and incorporate them into WRM. Report Designer is a invaluable tool for consultants and system administrators.


    The POS Form Designer (FD) is a tool that adjusts the point of sales application to the company's needs. The administrator is able to design the screens and actions of the POS applcation, as dictated by the bussiness model.


    The Dashboard Designer is a powerful tool of the platform, that provides business intelligence information the users. It is a tool for decision making, effective planning and provision design.


WRM Home Screen

The WRM embodies the experience of ITS company in providing integrated IT solutions for retail companies.

We have installed thousand point of sales (POS) on:

  • small retail stores and bigger chains
  • multiple enterprises

The above provided us with the necessary know-how in order to develop an innovative, trustworthy and flexible product.

WRM platform incorporates all the vital knowledge and the best business practices in order to support the administration of retail businesses.

WRM is designed and developed using cutting edge technology in IT.

The main features are:

  • Support different Database engines via ORM technique.
  • Maximum performance using programming languages such as C#, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3.
  • WRM platform is web based and supports all the modern browsers on all popular operating systems.

WRM is developed to support multiple companies under a common environment where each company can access its own data and simultaneously shares common data.

WRM incorporates additional applications such as Windows POS Client, POS Client Form Designer, Report Designer, Dashboard Designer that expand its use.

C sharp
html 5
css 3


  • One vital feature of intensive retail applications and business software is their performance.
  • WRM is designed in order to process large volumes of data in a robust manner. Thus WRM fulfills the user’s need for immediate application response.
  • WRM utilizes data optimization techniques and enables end user to process large volumes of data in real time.

Our main focus on fulfilling the business needs and trends has driven us to design a dynamic working environment which flexibly adapts to user needs and his device, working 24x7

WRM via its applications interacts effectively with PDA or Android users.

WRM provides flexibility with the use of the following tools:

  • Dashboard Designer Dashboard Designer: Create dashboards
  • Report Designer Report Designer: Create statistical reports
  • Form Designer Form Designer: Create custom user interface in POS Client

Usability is a key element for applications effective usage and public acceptance.

WRM follows current IT trends and presents its features in a complete, conceivable and user friendly environment.

Our application simplicity facilitates fast and effective user training, thus continuously improving the efficiency of the company’s employees.


  • WRM assists similar companies to collaborate effectively.
  • Companies can share common dynamic data, under a common database.
  • Therefore new opportunities arise for businesses to collaborate and expand their turnover.

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